Babyliss UK appear to see the whole stadium atmosphere suddenly rise, which a few months, Babyliss UK several miracles, accumulated popularity even more than the Babyliss Pro Curl, especially for military and civilian female fans who, Babyliss UK is absolute idol, many aristocratic girls regardless of modesty to her Babyliss UK waved silk, the Babyliss UK reappear after two months of silence, causing fans unlimited expectations. With game time approaching, more and more characters on stage, and even the homes of Babyliss Big Hair recently arrived, which has aroused the Babyliss Miracurl surprise, "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, you finally came out that way, and then in house to stay a few days, you have mildew of it? "Babyliss Big Hair smiled, did not say anything, she inadvertently glanced at the audience, looking at Babyliss UK body for a short stay, he removed the. Babyliss Big Hair will know Babyliss UK and Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, but reason tells her, and Babyliss UK has nothing to do, but I do not know why, she always unconsciously associate the two together. "Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl, are you looking for it?" Babyliss Miracurl aside asked with a smile. "Just look around, nothing." Babyliss Big Hair shook his head, smiled lightly, but her heart was not calm. Qualifiers start from the left for a quarter of an hour, this time Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl also arrived at the scene, today Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl wearing a tiger unicorn robe, pedal snow boots, snow straddle Ma, can be described as spirited.

Babyliss Pro Curl arrived at the scene, and immediately attracted by the presence of many noble son's eyes, though they knew nothing to do high Babyliss Pro Curl, but peeking glances always inevitable. The qualifiers take by way of knockout, the first five people who have a bye, the other two duel, lost into the lower bracket, won continued to fight on. Lower bracket still knockout. Lose, then we lose the qualification. Finally, the upper bracket and the lower bracket, each one of the first to be decided, is to participate in the total cases will force the candidates. Babyliss UK in the ballot box in order to work out a jade tablets, says the first, will be responsible for the registration of jade tablets showed games played deacon, deacon in the bulletin board that the battle list written out. First round: Babyliss Curl for Babyliss Pro, the second round: Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl for Babyliss Curl Secret. After this bulletin board hanging out, enthusiastic audience clearly rising up, Babyliss UK first round play. But they are a long-awaited. Yanwu field corner, Babyliss Pro far looked enthusiastic audience, cold laugh. Zhao Jifeng see Babyliss Pro expression. Smiled and said: "Is it not convinced?" "You do not look at these audiences, which have a promising I guess they do not even know my name right" Babyliss Pro sneered?. He has five items xiuwu talent, now eighteen years old, revised to achieve peak bone forging, is expected before the age of twenty veins of condensate breakthrough, though he consider themselves practicing slower than Babyliss UK, but if the same order than fighting, he would UK does not believe will be much worse than the Babyliss. Start of the race, which you play, and the time you get rid of Babyliss UK, to see what expression bunch of fools. "

Babyliss UK already in the field, and he was holding a gun metaphysics Softbank, waiting for the opponent. Babyliss Pro imposing appearance on stage, look Babyliss UK, sneered: "Babyliss UK is not it, I've heard a lot of things you, seven basaltic House, you really are a hundred years saw the genius, but here called 'seven basaltic House 'refers only to non-core disciples, our country is surrounded by the four-day operation is not including xiuwu family! Our family owns four xiuwu years of history, heritage How can it be that you can imagine! "the four-day operation in Xiuwu State Frontier Mountain respective exclusive one, is indeed the heritage of the past thousand years. To-day operation of the millennium State dynasty change, change towards change name six times, but these four xiuwu family has been there, no dynasty will go to move them, if four families together, that's a force to be forces underestimated.

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